Investment Thesis

We Founder Circle backs the most inspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs. We choose the best idea and team after a thorough community-backed selection process.

Not just Invest, we build Startups

We Founder Circle believes in building great companies of the future by harnessing the power of the founder-backed-founder approach. We help founders raise funds, provide a business network and a global community of angel investors to flourish and succeed.


Integrated Ecosystem for Startup Building

Consistent Investment

We implement an investment strategy that offers consistent support and results.

Corporate Networking

We have a community-building approach where people from various overlapping professions come together and network.

Mentoring Relationship

Having a founder-backing-founder approach we have seen some wonderful mentor-mentee relationships kick-off in our community.

Access to International Markets

WFC is a global network of investors and founders with a strong presence across 15+ countries. The brand's digital first has enabled global participation.

Business Mentor Network

We have community-based mentorships, inspired by our core values of respect, integrity, inclusion and growth.

Industry-specific Expertise

You will receive intelligent, focused industry-specific solutions from experts and professionals.

Past Investment


Pitch & present your business to potential investors.

Connect with Investors

Connect with 1500 active
angel investors.

Raise Funds

15 startups already raised funds in the last 9 months.

Our Friends & Partners